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Our values

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We don't make any compromise and want to build the best service for our clients.

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Our services are simple and intuitive, centered on the user.

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We enable you to save time and money. Otherwise what would be the use of OSVfinder!

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Our pricing mechanism relies on transparency. We answer all your questions.

About OSVfinder

Our History

The idea of creating a community-based platform dedicated to the offshore industry has emerged when Remy Ausset was working as a shipbroker in the energy sector. During his career, Remy used to identify and fix offshore support vessels suiting technical requirements from Oil majors, EPC contractors and other offshore energy players. At this stage, he realized that the principle of ship brokerage could be easily disrupted by a simple digital tool to simplify and make the chartering process more efficient by merging the OSV supply and demand on a single market place. At this moment, the concept of OSVfinder was born. At the beginning, the webapp was mainly focused on gathering and connecting the biggest community of shipowners and charterers from the industry.

After the first official testing campaign with Saipem and several oil exhibitions across the world, the OSVfinder team decided to develop new tools to enhance and provide a more diversified offer for the offshore industry. Therefore, we designed and created new tools such as the bunker assistant to place fuel orders, the offshore security module to secure offshore sites and crew transfers, a managing module to comply with international compliance standards. We also joined forces with other startups to generate synergies and provide new services to our clients. With a growing community of Shipowners, Charterers and service providers, the application is now ready to be used as a fully interactive marketplace by the offshore energy industry.

Our Mission

OSVfinder is the first online digital platform that combines a geolocation tool and an OSV file tracking with a search engine built into secure messaging to facilitate communication between shipowners and charterers. We are locating 40,000 ships with their AIS signals. On the one hand, charterers send their RFQs via OSVfinder. On the other hand, shipowners receive and answer RFQs on the platform without intermediaries. This matching tool is supported by a community of more than 160 shipowners making it possible to digitize the charter of supply vessels. We rely on our community to enrich our database and facilitate the relationship between charterers and shipowners. This is the reason why OSVfinder revolutionizes and modernizes the offshore oil and MRE industry.

From now, our customers have the possibility to charter vessels according to their technical characteristics, their availabilities, their locations in a few clicks and without intermediary, while maintaining an exhaustive view of the market. Our platform is also transparent in terms of pricing, we sell the annual licenses. Our online accreditation tool is a true marketplace that meets all industry compliance requirements. In conclusion, OSVfinder is an innovative online service that is digitizing chartering, saving time for shipowners and charterers, and lowering charter costs while meeting the industry's compliance prerequisites.

The Team

Our team is composed by people with different backgrounds and working experiences.

picture of Rémy Ausset, CEO

Rémy Ausset

CEO - Founder
picture of Pierre Jouvellier, Marketing and Sales

Pierre Jouvellier

Business Developer
picture of Arthur Masson, UX/UI Designer

Arthur Masson

UX/UI Designer
picture of Louis Lebel, Maritime Lawyer

Louis Lebel

Maritime Lawyer

Advisory board

Our team is accompanied by an advisory board composed of experts with decades experience in the energy and shipping sector

picture of Stéphane Solé, Ex-VP Africa

Stéphane Solé

Ex-VP Africa
picture of Daniel Santoro, Post Order Manager
picture of Daniel Santoro, Post Order Manager

Daniel Santoro

Ex-Chartering Manager
picture of Daniel Santoro, Post Order Manager
picture of Louis Besland, Partner

Louis Besland

picture of Daniel Santoro, Post Order Manager
picture of Raphael Vermeir, Ex-President Nigeria

Raphael Vermeir

Ex-President Nigeria
picture of Daniel Santoro, Post Order Manager
picture of Cyril Maidanatz, Founder & Chairman

Cyril Maidanatz

Founder & Chairman

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